2019 Exhibitors

The 2019 Actsafe Conference enabled delegates to connect with over 20 tradeshow exhibitors offering products and services of value to those in the live events industry.

Tradeshow Highlight!

On the tradeshow floor this year we featured the Ryze-MEWP VR Simulator, offered through United Academy®, an award-winning virtual reality training solution for mobile elevated work platform operators.

The Ryze-MEWP Simulator is an adaptable tool for use in training centres, at job sites, and in the workplace.

United Rentals VR.png

This proven virtual reality technology provides equipment experience without the need for actual equipment. With immersive environments, responsive controls, and tactile physical feedback, trainees’ skills and the retention of skills is increased. Traditional training is now coupled with simulator training, reducing risk of injury as well as damage to equipment and surroundings.

Exhibitor Opportunities

Showcase your products and services to the live event and performing arts community

Be a part of the excitement!

  • 20 tradeshow booths

  • Truss cube for live demos and presentations

  • 2 full days

Gain recognition as a company committed to the safety of workers and audiences, and as a supporter of BC's performing arts and live events industry.

Connect with 200+ delegates, including key decision makers and influencers.

Crowd celebrating Ezra Jeffrey.jpg