Rope Access And Its Role In Entertainment (panel)


Rigging Track Session

Is rope access rigging? How do you know if rope access is right for this gig? An opportunity to hear from riggers and rope access techs who have crossed over to the other side. What do I need to know before I decide whether RA is right for my gig?

Panel discussion

Session sponsored by Riggit

Session sponsored by Riggit


Wesley Chadwick, Rope Access Consultant / IRATA Assessor, Technical Access Group- RA3
Sean Clark, Arena Head Rigger, Riggit Services Inc. - RA2
Mason Fulton, Certified Level 2 Rope Access Technician, Carleton Rescue Equipment
Alex Heuer, Corporate Head Rigger, Riggit Services Inc. - RA2
Ali Pattie, Rope Access Supervisor, Riggit Services Inc. - RA3