Lori Stewart

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Lori Stewart is the Stunt Community Liaison and the Health & Safety Performer Advocate at UBCP/ACTRA, which represents actors, background performers, stand-ins, dancers and stunt performers in the motion picture film industry. Lori assists injured performers, supports the stunt community and deals with all matters regarding health and safety that affect performers on film sets.

A 25-year veteran stunt performer who specialized in fights, flips and wirework, Lori has first-hand knowledge of concussions and the challenges of trying to work safely while creating action sequences. Concerned about the growing amount of stunt community members surfacing with concussions and post-concussion syndrome, Lori started a “Concussion Support Group” at UBCP/ACTRA for injured performers to share resources and support each other through their recoveries.  Lori has also been working towards the creation and implementation a new concussion guideline and protocol for the Motion Picture Film Industry and Live Performance Sector.  Taking what works well in sports and modifying it for the workplace is the next step required for better assessment and management of head injuries.  Education, outreach and the establishment of a higher level of awareness and care for head injuries is of the upmost importance to Lori in an effort to curb concussions and their devastating impacts on all industry workers.

Lori sits on the Actsafe Motion Picture Standing Committee and the BC Federation of Labour OH&S Committee.

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