Multidisciplinary Approach to Preventing and Managing Head Injuries (panel)


The panel comprises representatives from different facets of performing arts and entertainment, including healthcare, research, performance, production, and direction. The shared aim will be to initiate a conversation that improves the attendees’ ability to prevent, reduce, and manage head impacts in these industries with a view to a safer work environment and greater advocacy for at-risk workers and performers.

Panel discussion


Dr. Shelina Babul, Associate Director and Sports Injury Specialist with the BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit

Denise Beaton, Provincial Coordinator for Injury Prevention, Population and Public Health Department at the BC Centre for Disease Control and Prevention

Peter Boulanger, Artistic Director, The Underground Circus

Jeffrey A. Russell, PhD, AT, FIADMS, Licensed Athletic Trainer, Associate Professor of Athletic Training and Director of Science and Health in Artistic Performance (SHAPe), Ohio University

Lori Stewart, Health & Safety Performer Advocate, UBCP/ACTRA