Dr. Shelina Babul

BABUL, Shelina.jpg

Dr. Shelina Babul is Associate Director and Sports Injury Specialist with the BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit, focusing on sport and recreational evidence-based research and knowledge implementation, with a specialization in concussions and their prevention, recognition, treatment and management.

Her research includes: 1) Identifying and addressing critical gaps in injury prevention; 2) Concussion-specific research and related strategies to promote uptake of proven and effective interventions; and 3) Coordination of concussion efforts locally, provincially and nationally. Her experience in this field includes the publication of numerous chapters and peer-reviewed papers, presentations at provincial, national, and international conferences, membership on concussion advisory committees and review boards, and interviews with local, provincial and national news media and magazines.

Dr. Babul spearheaded the development of the Concussion Awareness Training Tool, www.cattonline.com, with the aim to standardize concussion care among medical professionals, parents, players, coaches, school professionals, and other audiences, including workers and workplaces.