BCEHS Specialty Resources


Live Events Track

(1 Hour Session)

BCEHS Special Operations is the lead on all mass gathering events in the Province of BC from a medical perspective. Special Operations can work with event organizers to identify risks and ensure a coordinated response to emergencies.

This session will cover the mandate of BCEHS Special Operations, how events differ from a traditional ambulance response, specialized resources in pre-planned and crisis situations, and the benefits of specialized resources and roles that are available to event organizers, such as:

  • Paramedic Bike Squad/UTV Ambulances (Gator)

  • Paramedic Marine Unit

  • Event Commander

  • Event Communications Officer

  • Logistics Officer

A Q&A session will follow the presentation.

Daniel Doan, Planning Supervisor: Special Operations, Patient Care Delivery, BCEHS

Darren Metta, Special Operations Supervisor, Paramedic Bike Squad Supervisor, BC Ambulance Service - Special Operations