Respectful Workplaces in the Entertainment Industry


The BC entertainment industry has a unique opportunity to take a leadership role in building the respectful workplace infrastructure that will be recognized at the local, national, and international levels. Come hear the latest updates on who is implementing this foundational training into their organizations and the positive impact it is having on the entertainment industry.
Learn how this initiative can achieve:

  • Leadership Recognition: Industry stakeholders in BC will be regarded as world leaders in implementing specific training for the film and television on respectful workplaces.

  • Psychological Health & Safety: The psychological health and safety of BC entertainment workers will improve by creating inclusive and safe work environments with an increased awareness of both individual and human rights.

  • Ongoing Skills Development: This initiative has the potential to reach 1000’s of prospective and existing members of the BC entertainment industry each year.

  • Collaboration & Expansion: Respectful workplace training can easily be adapted to include other Creative Industry sectors and empower more employers, workers, and supervisors to implement standardized training.


Presenter: Natasha Tony is a leading expert in Respectful Workplace training across North America and is an advocate for standardizing respectful workplace training as foundational occupational health and safety education for the entertainment industry.