Sheila Moir

Sheila Moir 1.png

Sheila Moir recently rejoined the BCFED Health and Safety Centre after five years as the OHS Officer with the British Columbia Government and Services Employees Union (BCGEU). Prior to moving to the BCGEU Sheila was the OHS Director at the BC Federation of Labour.  A committed OHS activist Sheila has worked to improve the health and safety for workers in BC by lobbying government and the WCB for improved OHS legislation and enforcement. Sheila has a special interest in the OHS concerns for women and for immigrant workers. Through many years of providing education and advice to joint OHS committees Sheila has an excellent understanding of the OHS issues in both the industrial and public sectors. Sheila has seen first- hand, how the OHS education provided by the BCFED OHS Centre assists committees to be more effective and strategic thus improving health and safety for themselves and for their co-workers.