Mass Gathering Medicine TableTop Game (Music Festival Edition): An Interactive Workshop on Event Medical Planning

Live Events Track

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Play and learn! This group learning activity focused on event medical planning for music festivals is fashioned after a non-competitive, collaborative board game. The session includes a brief introduction and overview of event medical planning and a preview of the seven steps to event medical planning. Using ‘stakeholder cards’, each player will interact through the lens of various stakeholders. As a team, physical and personnel resources will be deployed as a tool to facilitate discussion about resources, personnel, skill-mix, risk assessment, infrastructure and logistics. Dependent on time, free play will involve the team going through a succession of rounds, solving challenges and seeking resources to support their plan. Time will be reserved for discussion, questions, and experience sharing between the tables.

Interactive/hands-on session

Game leader: Adam Lund, Clinical Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine, UBC

Alain Denis
Daniel Doan, Planning Supervisor | Special Operations, Patient Care Delivery, BCEHS
Kerrie Lewis, Odyssey Medical
Elora Martin, Odyssey Medical
Colin Mathie, Live Nation Canada Inc.
Jordan Myers, Odyssey Medical
Eric Stuart, Director, Gentian Events Ltd.