I Want It That Way! The Backstreet Boys Evacuation, Thackerville, OK


It should have been easy to evacuate the crowd waiting in line outside the WinStar World Casino and Resort’s amphitheater to see Backstreet Boys. The weather forecast was correct and timely, and security was in position. Yet, 150 people were still in harm’s way a half hour later when the entrance rigging blew over, injuring 14 people.

Event Safety Alliance Vice President Steven Adelman will lead a series of interactive exercises using both known facts and social media posts to help the group tease out lessons about foreseeable crowd behavior and how to deal with people who have their own ideas about safety.


Presenter: Sports and entertainment lawyer Steven A. Adelman, head of Adelman Law Group, PLLC in Scottsdale, Arizona; Vice President of the Event Safety Alliance