Fog and Health - A Study in British Columbia

30 Minute Session

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There has been a increasing interest in artificial fog used in film and TV productions. Studies on health effects conducted more than a decade ago, showed some irritation effects associated with certain fogs use at the time. Since then, additional fogs have been utilized for which there is no evidence of health effects and the use of fog has also increased in the frequency and duration. The objective of this pilot study is to determine if there are current health effects associated with fog use in BC, and attempt to determine if there is a greater association with particular fog types versus others. Ultimately, any results of this research will be shared among the film industry and will hopefully be utilized for future decision-making surrounding choice and use of fogs.

An update will be provided by Mona Shum in terms of design and initial findings of this year-long research project.

Presenter: Mona Shum, Principal Industrial Hygienist, Aura Health and Safety Corporation