Dr. Jeff Russell

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Jeffrey A. (Jeff) Russell, PhD, AT, FIADMS, Licensed Athletic Trainer, Associate Professor of Athletic Training and Director of Science and Health in Artistic Performance (SHAPe), Ohio University

Dr. Jeff Russell leads a multi-faceted performing arts medicine initiative, called Science and Health in Artistic Performance, or SHAPe, he designed for Ohio University’s dance, music, theatre, and marching band programs. He is particularly fond of his close association with the university’s Theatre Division. Through his work at the SHAPe Clinic and SHAPe Lab, he maintains a special emphasis on concussion in performing arts, especially theatre and entertainment, because of the frequency with which this injury occurs in artistic endeavors.

Dr. Russell, a certified and licensed athletic trainer in the USA, has 37 years of experience in sports medicine, orthopaedics, and performing arts medicine. He is a fellow of the International Association for Dance Medicine & Science, and was a 2017–18 Bruning Teaching Fellow at Ohio University.